Information on ISFNT-11 LBB sub-meeting
Update and Action Items for IEA liqud breeder blanket subtask collaboration during the 11th International Symposium on Fusion Nuclear Technology (ISFNT) – Barcelona(Spain) 20-21th September 2013, a ...
Category:    2013-3-19 22:19
Dear Colleagues, Fourth Conference “Heavy Liquid-Metal Coolants in Nuclear Technologies” (HLMC‑2013) will be held in Obninsk on September 23-27, 2013. FSUE SSC RF-IPPE is an organizer of HLMC‑20 ...
Category:    2013-3-19 17:46
Tritium has a half life of 12.3 years. It emits a b particle with a peak energy of 18.6 keV and an average energy of 5.7keV. The specific activity of tritium is approximately 3.6x1014Bq/g (9.670Ci/g). ...
Category:    2012-9-24 20:54
The measurement of the tritium concentration is very important for both the control of the processes of the tritium system and the evaluation of the tritium inventory. There are some facilities are us ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:55
Liquid breeder materials, such as lithium and lithium-lead (LiPb) are attractive tritium breeding materials. The tritium recovery system can be designed outside the neutron environment, and the tritiu ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:54
With the development of fusion technology, it will be necessary to store large amounts of tritium in the reactor fuel cycle. Tritium can be stored and shipped as a gas, a metal hydride (e.g., of titan ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:54
Detritiation system carries out the decontamination of all the gaseous streams coming from the vacuum chamber and the other parts of the tritium system. It operates in a continuous and automatic mode. ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:53
The qualification of structural materials for Fusion reactor is a fundamental challenge. They will be exposed to high temperatures and high levels of neutron irradiation, as well as to high mechanical ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:52
The main thermo-hydrodynamics characters of MHD flow in liquid metal fusion blanket are: (1) Multi-physical effect; (2) Surface heat flux density and volumetric heating density is large; (3) The ap ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:51
Currently, SiCf/SiC flow channel inserts (FCIs) is considered mostly as electrical and thermal insulators to minimize the MHD pressure drop (avoids the need for insulating coating on the inner duct wa ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:51
Experiments focus on MHD flows under moderate applied magnetic field,where the Hartmann number varies between 1000 and 5000. FZK center in Germany did experimental investigation of MHD flows in a sud ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:50
With the development of computer and scientific computing,simulation becomes a cheap and efficient way to investigate MHD flow compared to experiments. Problems and Challenges in MHD Simulation: (1) ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:50
Three equatorial ports are designed to Test Blanket Modules (TBM), which has the function of production of tritium, in the ITER facility. Several general blanket concepts are currently proposed to ach ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:27
Development of effective and reliable coatings is a key to the viability of most, if not all, fusion blanket systems. It is widely recognized that coatings provide an attractive solution to some of th ...
Category:    2012-9-21 09:00
Health Protection
The biological hazard of tritium strongly depends upon its chemical form. Both the gaseous elemental and the oxide form will be present in a fusion reactor. The oxide form (HTO, DTO, or T2O) or organi ...
Category:    2012-9-21 08:58


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